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Martha Groves Perry - Tender Lover

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Tender Lover” is impeccably named as the listener will right away feel the tenderness and relaxing warmth that this song resonates. This is the kind of song you want to kick back to while sitting in front of a warm fire on a Sunday night. Martha Groves Perry’s vocals carry the song like a mother carries a child to bed. There is so much love and comfort in this song and it reminds us how beautiful romance can be.

The arrangement is filled in nicely with a phasy-guitar that ripples like water while bass, vibraphone, and a sensual saxophone ooze on top with passion. The vibraphone patiently waits for chances to ornament the song and it does so with grace and ease, adding yet another soft and delicate layer to the song. The drums are so subtle that they blend in with the pleasant soundscape, mostly relying on light hits on cymbals and a few snare hits to keep the pulse going. The saxophone gets to shine in the bridge of the song with a jazzy and serene solo that effortlessly runs up and down the scale.

Perry’s lyrics speak to the incredible impact that a lover's connection can have on your soul. The lyrics however are not gratuitous nor are they graphic, rather they are very poetic and speak to the grandeur of a special romantic encounter. There is also a sense of gratitude present in the lyrics, “He Treasures me and every curve, I thought that this was something that I don’t deserve.” It can be so amazing to be appreciated by another person, and it’s important to be present for those times and be grateful. “Tender Lover” is the kind of song that will warm you up on a cold rainy night and have you dreaming of romance.

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About Martha Groves Perry

Martha Groves Perry is a singer-songwriter, entertainer, and multi-instrumentalist based in San Francisco, California. Her original music has a straightforward, compelling and sometimes edgy clarity with strong blues, southern rock, and experimental influences. Her penetrating lyrics, described by her producer, Kenny Schick, as “journaling in poetry,” reflect the fearless truth-telling and unbothered amusement of a seasoned, female point of view.

After fronting and songwriting for MapleDream, an all-female original band, Martha began her solo career with the release in 2016 of a 4-song EP of her original music titled Something Good. Her first full-length album These Hands released on March 1, 2020. In addition to writing and singing all of the songs on the album, Martha recorded cello tracks for two songs as well as acoustic guitar tracks on several others.

As a vocalist and cellist, she toured with Michelle Shocked, and has also performed with Tony Lindsay, Skip Edwards, James Nash, Jesse Brewster, Rich Armstrong, Crystal Monee Hall, Uriah Duffy, and Greg Tanner Harris.


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